We also have a litter due soon!

Louisiana Rottweiler puppy for sale

Shipping Is Available

Our Promise: Safe, Fast, Hassle Free & Cost Effective As Possible.

  1. You can come to our location and pick the puppy up.
  2. We MAY be able to meet you (half way) up to 100 Miles away from our location.
  3. Most Popular: We can Hire a USDA Registered, Safe & Fast Puppy Shipper that can deliver directly to your door. Cost: $150 – $350 depending on distance.
  4. Cargo Shipping: With America Airline or Delta Cargo – A safe Fast Alternative especially if you are more than 1000 miles away. Cost: $400
  5. We can personally fly with the puppy and meet you at your local major airport. (Cost $500 and up.)

Also, It may be possible for Purebred Rottweiler Puppies to meet @ Major cities near us for no extra travel charge like: Hattiesburg or Jackson MS, New Orleans or Baton Rouge LA, & Mobile AL.

If Shipping is required: You must agree to be buying the Puppy as a breeding prospect, to maintain bloodlines, or for hunting, working, or security (guard dog). *Every Family Should Have A Rottweiler Guard Dog!*

We accept Credit Cards